​Rhonda C. Barnes


  1. Service 1
    Revision of policy and procedure manuals, items. Many companies do not have the time it takes to revise these items as issues arise. I will listen intently to the changes you would like and make them timely and according to state and federal rules and regulations allowing your staff to concentrate on other valuable tasks.
  2. Service 2
    Maintain your company newsletters or blogs, along with re-invent your marketing campaigns including brochures, ad copy, and contribute to marketing campaigns with new, fresh ideas.
  3. Service 3
    I will speak at your event on the subject relating to marketing health care, informing the public of your services, the multifaceted offerings for geriatric care, and parenting, the challenges of parenthood in difficult times, and life's bumps in the road.
  4. Service 4
    If you're interested in writing a book or paper, I will be your ghost writer.